Precise Pet Care is now available!

Great News! In order to get to the next level of service, I have made the decision to fully automate my business in an online pet software called Precise Pet Care on January 1, 2019. I have had some clients test out the software and so far everyone has loved it! What this will mean to you is the following:

  • All of the pet visit journals will be online, so you will be able to see time stamps of when we come and leave along with a map of where we walked!

  • The journal works just like texts – you can have a conversation back and forth with us about the sit if you have anything to add or questions.

  • Please keep in mind that at times GPS can be a bit glitch so it may not always capture things correctly, but we will make a note in a journal if it does not

  • You can verify your own schedule and make schedule changes yourself

  • You can update pet profiles as changes in your animal occur, so we will have an accurate and up to date record of all changes. You can also make notes in a specific sit if you want something additional done

  • The software will provide you with a weekly invoices

​Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone enjoys this exciting new level of customer service.

Stacie Shapiro

Founder and Owner of Fur de Leash LLC

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