Addendum A - Description of Pet Care Services and Pricing

15 minute             $16    Daily walk clients ONLY for 2+ puppy visits per day
30 minute            $19     Great for plenty of exercise and attention for your pets
45 minute            $26     Extra time helps meet those special needs of your animals
60 minute            $32    (limited availability)

30 minute            $18     To be used for cat visits only

  • No extra fees for pets for up to 3 pets in the same household.  After 3 the fee is $2 dollars per visit for each additional pet. If you are requesting service for pets not in the same household there is a charge of $5 per visit per each additional pet.

  • Rates are based on one sitter at each visit.  If circumstances require two sitters to go to the home, the fees above apply for each sitter.

  • Extra mileage charge:  If Fur de Leash agrees to perform Pet Care Services at a location that is beyond the established map boundaries, an additional charge might apply depending upon the distance.  Fur de Leash will ask for your approximate location during first contact.

Daily Walk Clients

Services include but are not limited to walking, feeding, play time, medication administration, etc.

We do NOT share pet sitting services with family and friends for liability reasons

Vacation care is charged at the above rates per visit with the ability to create the package that works best for you and your pets.   For vacation care for dogs, we require at least three visits per day when you are away so as to not put any undue stress on the dog’s digestive or urinary systems.  For cats, there is more flexibility but keep in mind that skipping a day does not allow for emergencies that can arise with your pet.

In addition to the above care for your pets we also provide the following services for your home: watering plants, bringing in mail, setting out trash cans, or any other light services you need done while you are away.  Keep in mind, however, that if you want the house looked after as well,  you need to choose an amount of time that will be appropriate for your pet(s) to be well taken care of.

Service times:        7 am – 9:30pm    other times may be arranged but there is an additional fee of $5 /visit. 

OVERNIGHT CARE                $70
Our overnight care of 10-12 hours includes the services of regular evening and morning visits, and the special care needed overnight. Yes, the pets get to sleep with us!  This service is available on a limited basis and we only accept animals that sleep a minimum of 8 hours at night.

At every visit we make sure that your pets are healthy, safe, relieved, and well taken care of.  At times, however, additional time might be required for:  excessive clean-up resulting from pet accidents or vomiting, clean up from appliance malfunction, calls to repair men or any other unexpected situations that require additional time and attention. We try our best on the cleaning, but we cannot guarantee stain removal.  If for whatever reason we need a second sitter to go to your home to help care for your animals or home, the unexpected delay rate will apply for the time of the second sitter.

PET TAXI/ ERRANDS            $32/HR
Pet transportation to or from vet, groomer, or anywhere else you may need.  Errand service includes picking up needed pet supplies from your preferred vendor or having to obtain pet supplies, medications, etc. due to lack of supplies in home or for emergency situations.  This time is charged in quarter hour increments.

HOLIDAY VISITS          $5 extra per visit     $20 for holiday overnights
Christmas Eve Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s day and Father’s day

We normally hold your key for future visits, but if you want it returned there will be a $15 fee.  We will also run a key over to your home in the event you are locked out for this same fee.


We do not charge extra for last minute bookings if we have the availability.  If you have a vacation request over a busy time period that would require a substantial rework of our schedule to fit you in, a one- time administration fee of up to $25 may apply.  We will let you know at the time of booking if this would be the case.  In addition, for all last minute bookings we will require payment via Chase Quick Pay within 2 hours in order to start the process of booking you.


Reservations are accepted 90 days in advance of the date that you want Fur de Leash to begin performing the Pet Care Services.  Fur de Leash has limited early morning and evening appointments, so make your reservation early.  

You will be able to access your schedule in the Fur de Leash Precise Pet care software and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is correct.   

Full payment is required in advance before pet sitting or dog walking services begin.  An invoice will be sent to you via email.  You can pay by either Chase Quick Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cash or check.   For holidays and school break vacations, a 50% deposit is required 3 weeks prior to reservation.  For regular vacation services, a 50% deposit is required 1 week prior to start of service.

  • For returned checks the bank charges will be passed along to you

  • For any non-payment of bill, your bill will accrue a 10 dollar late fee per month and you will be turned over to collections at the 90 day point.


We get that life happens and cancellations will occur.  Please remember that we are holding your reservation exclusively for your pet(s).  When we reach capacity we have to refuse other clients so a last minute opening in our schedule during peak times impacts other clients and the company.  There are NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY RETURNS.  The following cancellation policy is in effect.

Daily Walks:  

For non-holiday periods - there is no cancellation fee charged if you cancel a daily walk by 6:00 pm on the evening before the scheduled Pet Care Services; however, if you cancel the daily walk after 6:00 pm the evening before start of the Pet Care Services, you will be charged full payment for the services as a cancellation fee.   Cancellation fees due to a vet emergencies and an illness in the home will be waived as long as we are notified by 7:30 am the morning of your scheduled mid-day walk.

For holiday and school break periods – if you cancel your entire week without the prior 3 weeks’ notice the holiday cancellation fee will be 50% for that time period will be applied.


Vacations (Non-holiday):  If you cancel your reservation for vacation care (during non-holiday periods), the following cancellation fees apply:


  • There is no cancellation fee charged if you cancel your reservation more than 7 days prior to start date of the Pet Care Services and 100% of your deposit will be refunded to you.

  • If you cancel your reservation less than 7 days prior to the start date of the Pet Care Services, a cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of your deposit will be retained and 50% of your deposit will be refunded to you

  • There are no refunds for early returns

Vacations (Holidays):   Vacations over holidays and school breaks, if reservations are not cancelled 3 weeks before the date of service, 50% of the fee will be withheld.  There is no refund for early returns.


Revision Date:  09/30/2019

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