Safety First

Maintaining a safe environment for both clients and those of us at Fur de Leash is our primary responsibility during this period of Covid-19.  


  • We are closely monitoring our individual health situations and if anyone is feeling ill or has a fever, they will not be out and about doing visits and someone else from the Fur de Leash team will be covering the visits.  

  • If anyone in your family is ill or has a fever, we cannot enter your home (which has always been in my illness policy).  

  • Please notify us if anyone in the home is currently diagnosed with Covid or has had Covid within a two-week period prior to the visits.  

  • If you have special procedures that you would like us to follow in caring for your pets, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate all reasonable requests.



  • On our daily dog walks when possible we will not enter your home if your dog is out and about in your home and will come to us when called.      

    • We ask that you leave the harness or special collar by the door where we will be collecting the pup.

    • We will use our own leash on your dog as well as our own towel (we will use a different towel for each dog)

    • Entering your home.

      • If you have a dog that is crated, or we need to enter the home for any reason we will wear a mask.  

        • For crated puppies, please keep disinfectant wipes by the crate

      • We ask that anyone in the home maintain the proper 6 feet of distance.

      • We will wipe down the surfaces that we touched with the disinfectant wipes provided.

    • Picking up the dog at the door from you:  We will wear a mask during the pickup process and ask that you all do the same.

  • We will sanitize our hands before your visit and as needed throughout the visit.  We kindly ask that you have paper towels by your sink for our use.




  • When possible, we ask that you leave everything needed for the visit in one place to lower our footprint of how any cabinets, doors, etc., that we would need to touch and open.

  • We will sanitize our hands prior to entering and throughout the visit as needed.  Please be sure to leave plenty of soap and paper towels by the kitchen sink and if possible, disinfectant wipes.

  • Please leave a stack of clean towels for drying dogs or for clean up

  • If requested, we will wear masks through the entire vacation visit.

  • We will try to wipe down as many surfaces as we can that we touched prior to your return. We also would greatly appreciate surfaces being wiped down prior to us starting!



We will review all your information in the software prior to meeting and try to get most questions answered via email or phone.  If possible, we will conduct most of the meet and greet outside of your house.  We will then enter your home to have you show us around and meet any pets that could not come outside.  We will follow the recommended social distancing procedures by everyone maintaining the 6 feet of distance between each person and have all involved wearing a mask.


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