Our mission is to give your pets the same level of love, fun and high quality attention they receive from you.  Whether it is a quick potty break during the day, a longer walk, or a vacation sit, know that your pet will receive our top quality care.

Why hire Fur de Leash?

  • We are in the pet business because we love animals and are motivated by a wag of a tail, a kiss, or a snuggle

  • We understand your pet’s quirks and are willing to help meet those special needs

  • We follow the routine, training and rules that you have established for your pet

  • We are flexible and try our best to meet your needs as well the needs of your pet

  • We are dependable and reliable

Why hire an in-home pet sitter?

If you are like most pet owners you dislike leaving your pets in unfamiliar and often times uncomfortable settings. Having your pets stay in their own environment and keeping to their daily routine helps reduce stress and keeps your pets as happy as possible while you are away. Other reasons to have in home pet sitting versus boarding include,

  • Decreased exposure to illnesses

  • In a boarding facility there are many pets being cared for while a pet sitter’s sole focus is your pet

  • Boarding facilities can over stimulate your pet

  • Professional sitters also tend to your home and take care of the little things while you are away

Why hire a dog walker?

Just like people, all dogs benefit from regular exercise. Most dogs tend to get bored and restless which sometimes can lead to undesired behavior after being cooped up all day. Having a dog walker helps break up your pet’s day and gives him/her the physical and mental stimulation needed. We understand that many pet owners work long days and a dog walker can help alleviate the need to take your pet on a long walk after a tiring day. This allows you to spend that precious time with your pet doing what you want to do rather than what you have to do.

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