Do I have a chance to meet with you before I hire you?

Yes, it is important that both of us feel like we are a match for the services provided. After we have spoken on the phone and it looks like we are a good fit, we will come to your home for a complimentary “meet and greet”. This meeting will last between 45 minutes to an hour. This will give us a chance to spend some time bonding with pets, learning about their routines, etc. You will be provided the necessary paper ahead of time that will include pet profiles, a client profile with emergency contacts, and a service agreement. At the time of this meeting you will need to provide 2 keys to your home.

Do you require a key to my home and why?

Yes, we ask for two keys (one for the sitter and one as an emergency back-up). Even if you prefer us to come in through the garage via a code, we need a back-up key because at times garage doors malfunction. For safety reasons we will not enter an unlocked home.

Is my key, security code, and garage code secure?

Yes, you will have a customer number and the key will have that number on it. Codes will be stored where they can be password protected.

Are you insured and bonded and what does that mean?

Fur de Leash LLC and our independent contractors each carry pet sitting liability insurance and are bonded. This liability coverage includes general liability insurance in addition to covering the pets and homes in our care, custody and control. Lost key coverage is also included. Bonding provides protection against theft from the sitter.

Do you have references?

Absolutely and I will be happy to share their information with you

Do you offer pet sitting services in the pet sitter’s home?

No, we do not provide this service; however, we do offer overnight visits in your home for those pets that need the extra attention.

What if the pet sitter has an emergency?

Since we have two sitters we are usually able to back each other up. However, since it is impossible to predict every scenario and the availability of the standard backups, we ask each of our clients to provide us the contact information for someone who would be able to get into your home and provide back-up in the event that we are not able to.

What do you do during extreme weather conditions if the roads are impassable?

For vacation sits during the winter, you will be required to provide the name and number of a close neighbor that can walk to your home in the event we have these types of conditions. For daily walks, if you feel that bad weather would not detain you from going into work during weather advisories, we would kindly ask you to have a back-up for these scenarios.

What time do you take off?

Like all of you, we need a break also. We take 3 weeks off during the year which will not be over a holiday and we will not accept vacation sits over these periods. For daily walks, we will let our clients know in plenty of time to make other arrangements.


Do you accept all pets? No.

  • Our first requirement is that all pets be vaccinated per Indiana Law.

  • We will not take on pets with any form of aggression or pets that have contagious diseases (this would include fleas). We also require that all clients keep us updated with any changes to the aforementioned issues that have arisen after our first meet and greet.

  • In the case of dog walking for the safety of the pets and our sitters, we can only accept dogs that we feel we can safely walk. We will talk about this during our initial phone conversation and if there is a question, we will test walk your dog during the meet and greet.

  • We can only service nonsmoking homes.

Will you do a one-time visit?

No, we are a relationship type service. We enjoy getting to know you and your pets and that bond helps provide a better level of care for your pets.

Will you take my dog for a walk in inclement weather?

We will follow your directions as long as the weather is not dangerous which includes extreme cold or heat, ice, lightening or other threatening conditions. With our company it is always safety first to both your pets and the sitter. If your pet does not like rain or other types of weather, no problem. After a quick potty, we will play inside. For those pets used to going out in the cold wearing cold weather gear, we will of course dress your pet appropriately.

We generally follow the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Scales regarding pet safety in extreme temperatures.

Can you guarantee a specific time?

No, we ask for a time window of 2 hours, but we do try to get reasonably close to the time requested. If you have a pet with special needs such as a new puppy or timed medication, please discuss having a tighter time frame with us.

Do you accommodate special requests?

Yes, if your pet requires a specially prepared meal, turning on the TV or a thunder shirt before storms, or other things that will keep your pet healthy and happy, please let us know.

Will you walk my dogs off leash since that is what they are used to?

No, all dogs will be walked on leashes for safety reasons.

Will my neighbors be able to pet my dog while you are out on walks?

For safety reasons we cannot take the responsibility of other people or dogs interacting with your dog(s) while walking.

Illness Policy

Given the problematic flu season that we have had- it necessitated implementing illness guidelines. If you or a family member are sick enough to stay at home (with a contagious or possibly contagious illness) we ask that you please cancel your service for the time period that people are sick in the home. This is to protect all of our clients. If we were to become ill (and possibly also spread an illness to family members) we can be out for days impacting other pet visits. For these last minute cancellations, there will not be a cancellation fee imposed. This policy is in line with other pet and in home services.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Chase quick pay, checks and cash.

When is payment expected?

Prior to pet service with no exceptions.

What if my pet becomes ill while I am away, will you pay my vet bill and then I reimburse you?

No. If you have a pet that is prone to heath conditions, prior to your leaving town we will need you to make payment arrangements with your vet. For the unexpected trip to a vet, we will call you from the vet and you can give them your card information to them over the phone.

Is it customary for people to tip their pet sitter?

It depends on you, some clients tip and other’s do not. While tips are greatly appreciated, it will not change the level of care that your pet receives.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

I take reservations up to 90 days in advance and suggest that as soon as you know your plans it is best to check our availability. We work on a first come first serve basis. This is particularly true for holidays since there are a limited number of spots for vacation care.


  1. Keep an ID tag on your pet for the safety of the pet

  2. Keep pets vaccinations current- all animals MUST be vaccinated for Rabies.

  3. Two working copies of your house key. We can use garage codes for entry but mechanical failures do happen and that is why we require a key as back up.

  4. Have your locks and doors in working order.

  5. All fences and gates must be in good repair with no egress for animals

  6. Leashes, harnesses, collars must all be in good and working condition. Also note that we only walk dogs on standard leashes – no retractable or bungee leashes.

  7. For mess clean up please have cleaning supplies readily available. A tiny accident can usually be handled within a short amount of time but bigger messes sometimes take longer and are billed at our normal hourly rate above the amount of time booked. We try our best on the cleaning, but we cannot guarantee stain removal

  8. Make sure that there is enough food available for the amount of time you plan to be gone plus a few days since you never know what travel interruptions you can have. We can go purchase additional food if needed but that will be an extra charge to you.

  9. During winter ensure that there is access to the home during inclement weather. Please make arrangements during this time of year to have either your driveway or a path to the house cleared if it snows more than 4 inches.

    • Provide us with a neighbor’s information that have access to your home in the case of impassable roads.

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