Stacie Shapiro


Michele Pagryzinski

Independent Contractor

My name is Stacie Shapiro and I am the proud owner of Fur de Leash LLC. What brought me to the decision of starting a pet care business was my love of animals. While I spent the majority of my life with a dog (or dogs), my love for all animals goes further than pet ownership. I have spent many a vacation venturing into the wilderness to be with animals and further understand their existence and behaviors. I have traveled through rain forests of Central America and to the Galapagos Islands. I have to say, nothing is better than being able to sit on the beach next to a sea lion and be at one with nature.


Another factor leading me to this path was born out of necessity. Professionally, I worked in the field of finance and worked many long hours which included traveling. As my dogs began to age they became more stressed when left at the kennel. I would try to find college students to care for my pets but I never felt like my pets were getting the attention they needed. I wanted someone to come to my house and be "another me" in my pets’ eyes.


I also believe in giving back to the community when it comes to animals and pets. I am a supporter of Humane Society and the Indianapolis Zoo.  My favorite gift to give a family member is a donation for medical care at either of these two organizations.


I am in business by myself but I have lots of help from my long-time partner. He too is an animal lover.  He enjoys taking walks with our furry friends and is my back up in case of emergency.


What else can I say - we have always loved our pets to the end of the world and back and will provide that same love for your pet.

Hello! My name is Michele Pagryzinski and I am an independent contractor with Fur de Leash. I moved to Carmel 4 years ago with Bill, my husband of 29 years. We met in college and married while I was in graduate school. I left my career as an Audiologist when my sons were born. Now that my 3 boys are grown, and my nest is officially empty (aside from my Coton de Tulear named Bella), I have had the opportunity to join the team at Fur de Leash - something of which I thoroughly enjoy.

I have always been an animal lover, and rescued my first dog, Toby, when I was 5. He was a shelti-poo – a designer dog by today's standard, and my best friend. At a very young age I taught him to do all sorts of tricks. There was no trainer or book to show me how, so I used what felt right – love, kindness and tasty treats. Since then, there have been many more dogs that were a part of my life, and two cats as well, and my philosophies haven't changed. I have attended many classes through the years with my dogs, and all have subscribed to positive conditioning-using verbal praise in conjunction with treats or a clicker to reinforce desirable behavior; which is my preferred method as well. At times a verbal correction, or correction with a leash may be necessary, but praising the “positive” is always my first go to.

While you are away, whether at work for the day or on vacation for a week, providing for your pets physical and emotional needs is my top priority. It is my intention to have a seamless transition of care while you are away, and I take the responsibility of providing for your pet and maintaining the security of your home very seriously. I consider myself to be very observant and detail oriented, and will be sure to notify you of any concerns I might have regarding your pets health and well being.

I look forward to meeting you, and the opportunity to work with you in your pet's care.

Katura Rowe

Independent Contractor

Hi my name is Katura Rowe. I have been caring from pets for over 10 years. When I was young, my first aspiration for when I grew up was to become a frog. After I found that that was not possible, I wanted to become a veterinarian, that is, until I found out the veterinarians have to deal with needles. I have always been an animal lover. Growing up, our family had dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, salamanders, and hamsters. My family always had big dogs, but it was always my dream to have a small dog. That dream has finally been realized with my 8-month-old 3-pound chihuahua named Bellamy. When I go into a home to care for an animal, I try to give them the same love that I would give my own pup and that I know their owners would give to them if they were home. My other joys in life are movies, music, and family time usually spent playing board games or card games.  I am currently attending Indiana Wesleyan University as a graduate student working towards my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I plan to finish my degree at the end of 2020 and hope to eventually move to Thailand to work as a therapist for expatriates throughout Asia.

Shea Eggleston

Independent Contractor

Hello! My name is Shea Eggleston and I am an independent contractor with Fur de Leash. I am a lover of all animals and have extensive experience with dogs, cats, horses, birds, and hamsters. I am comfortable and enjoy being around just about any animal. I currently have one dog at home, a peekapoo named Cooper and two birds named Smokey and Bandit. 

I am an upcoming Junior currently attending Ball State University majoring in Biology with a concentration in Zoology. I plan to work with animals in some capacity in my future career path and I am currently exploring all of my options with my university studies.

When I go into your home to care for your pets I will treat them like they are mine with lots of love, kindness, and respect. I’m excited to be able to provide your pets exercise, companionship, and with your permission a treat or two while you are at work or on vacation. 

Sonia Powels

Independent Contractor

Hi! My name is Sonia Powels. I am an independent contractor with Fur de Leash. I grew up in South Africa where I obtained my Master’s degree in Technology: Chemistry. I met my husband Greg of 25 years and worked for 5 years in the chemical industry. I moved to Carmel, IN in 2011 and after the
birth of my first daughter I chose to stay home and we are blessed to have 2 girls, now 19 and 21 years of age.

Now that my girls are in college I turned my attention back to finding path for myself. Given my love of animals and the outdoors, pet sitting and dog walking seemed like a fabulous fit. I met with Stacie and was immediately impressed with her professional approach to her business and her obvious love of animals.

I grew up with dogs and owned dogs of my own. My daughters love animals too and hence we have raised baby rabbits, owned guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and birds.  Our current dog is a border collie mix rescue dog. She is 3 years old and full of energy; she loves to run with me and swim at the lake!  I am a very active person. I love to run, bike, water ski, hike, play pickle ball and work in my garden. In summer, I love to camp and boat at the lake. 


I have attended dog training with all my dogs to learn basic commands and walk on a leash. The training method I have used with my dog has always been positive reinforcement with treats. I have looked after several friend’s dogs in my own home when they have been away for extended periods of time. I will love and care for your pets and home as if they were my own. I am reliable and organized and good at memorizing details. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!!

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